Couple’s Therapy

When the fire of romantic relationship ignites, there is usually a sense of opening to the other… the dropping of old protective shields, seeing the ‘other’ with trust and strange familiarity and deep affection. Much to our surprise, over time these old protective shields tend to reassert themselves and create a wall of disconnection, uncertainty and even suspicion. We search for reasons outside of ourselves to explain why the feeling of love is now fading between us. This is a normal phase in the development of relationships in our society. And, people often get stuck there wondering what happened, trying to recapture the old feelings or see the relationship as a mistake and split up. This can be a pattern that repeats throughout a lifetime. What most people do not recognize is that all of our past relations, good and bad, are influencing our perceptions of our emotional safety in our current relationship. In fact, these past “relational imprints” are actually influencing our perception of safety in our own skin. Left unexamined, these imprints can leave us perpetually cycling in search of a partner who does not exist… someone who never triggers our shame or lack of control.

Successful couple’s counseling is intimacy training. Together, the work is to build on each partners’ capacity for self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-compassion. While at the same time, learning and practicing new skills to convey what is being discovered with the other in a way that repairs the connection, creates attunement and sets the stage for long-term attachment. There are also times when the path is to let go of a relationship that isn’t working. Learning to connect and convey one’s truth in a way that does not create more pain is then the goal of our sessions together.

Couple’s Intensives

The Couple’s Intensive is designed for those individuals who want an intensive learning, re-connecting and meaning making experience with your partner. This day long private session allows for a level of focus and clarity often difficult to achieve in a typical series of one hour weekly sessions. I offer a one or two day therapeutic experience. We begin by assessing your strengths and opportunities as a couple, identify your goals, and begin the process of uncovering and building upon the lost vitality and connection that brought you together in the first place.

Interested participants, please contact me by phone for an initial assessment to make sure this is the best level of therapeutic experience for you.

Sample Schedule
lunch break
afternoon break

Fee for Couple’s Intensive is $1000.00 per day
Can be paid by cash or credit card at the time of the appointment.
Please reserve two or three weeks in advance with $100 deposit which can be refundable up to one week prior to the appointment.