My work as a Marriage and Family Therapist for the past 18 years has been focused on helping people uncover what is most authentic, naturally resourceful and vividly alive in each person. The stresses and traumas of living one’s life can deaden our connection with ourselves and with those we love. Emotional suffering, depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship problems, trauma, isolation and crisis can be powerful gateways to a deeper foundation of self-acceptance, compassion and inner freedom. I utilize many tools from neuroscience, attachment theory, mindfulness, somatic techniques, EMDR, family systems and couple’s developmental models to help facilitate this very powerful unfolding and healing process.

In the past, what might have taken years in therapy can now be accomplished in a few weeks with the right tools and the desire for emotional freedom and change.

I am an expert in codependency, early attachment and relational trauma, as well as, addiction/recovery issues. I specialize in working with couples to identify and untangle old defensive relating patterns that can drain the love and affection from once intimate and caring relationships. Problems in relating and connecting are often the result of early relational trauma and not only lead to chronic problems in relationships, but can also lead to substance abuse/dependence and chronic relapse. For many people, intimacy is a double edged sword. We crave connection and intimacy, yet we fear being vulnerable and hurt by others. Understanding how we are conditioned to relate with people who are supposed to love us, we can begin to gain awareness and effective tools to feel safe, open our hearts and minds and find authentic attunement with ourselves and in our relationships.

In addition to individual and couple’s counseling sessions, I conduct day-long intensives with couples or individuals in Idyllwild, and two day intensive group workshops with individuals at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California.

I am available for speaking or workshop engagements.